About Bill of Rights Silver

We created Bill of Rights Silver as a way to:

1. educate and constantly remind we the people about our natural rights and the law

2. to bring back current money based on value – as secured by law in our *Constitutions, state and national and the * 1792 Coinage Act – for our families, communities, counties, states and country.

Since the federal reserve fiat currency is created out of thin air and is backed by nothing – and in fact – is a ‘debt note’ masquerading as ‘money’ it is really counterfeit – being in violation of the * 1792 Coinage Act, and our state and national constitutions which are the law!

Because the federal reserve private bankers have debased our once honest money system, most hard working Americans have never really been paid anything of value for their services, produce or products.

Fiat currencies throughout history have always been used to steal from the people by not giving them anything of value in exchange for their property, creativity and produce, and compounding that theft through fiat-paper-creeping-inflation.

* See The Law Page

It is our intention to mint a medallion for each of the Bill of Rights – so watch for them!!!