Bill of Rights Silver Club Newsletter – October/November 2010

1.  Welcome to the many new people who have joined our Bill of Rights Silver Club!!!  I must apologize to you all for not getting our letter out the last couple of months, but with the many meetings Jim and I were attending relative to the elections; preparing and giving “What is Real Money” workshops; as well as extra writing of a ‘model money legislation’ for the 10th Amendment Chair and Silver Club Member Geoff Broughton – http://colorado.tenthamendmentcenter.com titled “Restoring the Honest Money System in America”; and assisting others who are caught in the corrupt banking and court systems –  I’ve been super busy. 🙂


2.  Despite delay of the newsletter and some ‘glitches’ with pricing on our website, the interest in Bill of Rights Silver has grown thanks to AOCS and those of you who are introducing others.  I thought you’d like to see the pricing of our pieces from another outstanding website promoting silver:  http://www.silversourcenw.com/content/2nd-amendment-silver  We still need to meet again with the owner of an ad agency in Denver, who has expressed interest in helping us ‘get the word out’. 


3.  We were contacted about the possible formation of a credit union that will deal only in silver and other precious metals.  Yea!!! So watch for exciting developments in future newsletters.  What an addition that will be to our growing Silver Club Community!!!   


4.  Silver has been steadily rising for the last 3 weeks – but on Thursday, Nov. 5th – it jumped $1.53 in one day and today, Nov. 6th it went up another $.39!   Those who bought their first Bill of Rights silver pieces from us in 2009 are excited to see their value has more than doubled.  But the real value is in building a community of people who want to restore an honest exchange system and have fun doing it!  See the ads at the end of the newsletter.  If you have goods or services for which you’d like to receive real valuein exchange – please send us your 2 or 3 sentence ad and we’ll put it in each newsletter – no charge!  Last night, we got a call from a Annie near Brush, Colorado who is going to be raising organic chickens who will be adding her ‘products’ as soon as she has enough.


5.  Jim Willie’s comment today is:  “Take closing prices on September 21st versus October 29th, in just five weeks, the silver price had risen from $20.64 to $24.56, up 19.0%.During the same time span, the gold price had risen from $1274.30 to $1357.60, up 6.5%. My claim, a loose forecast often repeated, has been that the silver breakout gains would be at least double and possible triple the gold gains.” 


Janet Lee’s Note:  And Willie’s figures do not include the price rise today!  Willie goes on to say:  The Silver price will rise in response to money fleeing corrosive vehicles like the major currencies, whose basis is not gold but rather rapidly growing debt resting upon fractured banking and economic foundations As the markets work toward a freely traded system that seeks a true equilibrium, the Silver price will move past $100 per ounce as hyper-inflation blossoms on the monetary and economic sides. But first it will surpass the $40 price, maybe by late 2011 or early 2012. My forecast is for a $29 to $31 price for Silver by mid-January. Both December and January are strong seasonal months for silver, just like September. Notice how silver is outperforming the commodity group…


6.   According to CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton, the Big Four Banks are being investigated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for outsized concentrated short positions in the silver market; for alleged naked shorting of silver; and for collusion with other banks.  There are rumors of RICO law suits being filed.  So – besides the amazing upward pressure on the silver market due to more and more people discovering the looming possibility of hyper-inflation – we now have added pressure as a result of these investigations and resulting law suits. 


7.  Add to that, the ongoing investigations by all 50 states’ Attorney Generals into the massive mortgage fraud across America.  If they do an honest investigation, they will find that every mortgage in this country is a non-disclosure fraud.  This fact was uncovered and decided by jury trial before an honest Minnesota Justice Mahoney way back in 1969. He was found poisoned 6 months later.  http://educationcenter2000.com/legal/credit_river_decision.htm


8.  We also want to mention the outstanding Statesmen who spoke at the many meetings we’ve attended.  They are so excited to receive our thanks and honor with a Bill of Right Silver piece – they always give me a hug.  🙂  At the Colorado Union of Taxpayer Awards Breakfast where our outstanding Colorado legislators who achieve the status of Champion or Guardian are honored, Jim and I almost ran out of silver because U.S. Senator Mike Coffman also gave us a 5 minute ‘anecdote’ about his ‘exchange’ with Mr. Obama at a ‘state’ dinner.  We had to dig in our pockets and luckily found enough for even the outstanding speaker Jonathan Williams,  co-author of Rich States – Poor Statespublished by the ‘smart’ ALECs (American Legislative Exchange Council).  This book compares how states are doing economically based on legislation they’ve passed.  After he finished speaking, I asked Jonathan what he is asking for his book and his reply was $20.00. I then asked if he’d accept 1 oz. silver instead and he exclaimed , “You bet!!!”  Everyone clapped as we did our ‘exchange’. After the meeting we went to the back table where he was signing books, Jonathan said, “I will carry this with me everywhere I go!” He was so proud to have been honored in that way. 


Here’s the list we honored since we last wrote:  Colorado Champions as a result of the Colorado Union of Taxpayers grading of each of our legislators on each bill – an all-volunteer service they’ve provided for we the people for over 30 years!  Legislators are graded down each time they vote for bills that increase taxes and the size of government:

    Champion Colorado Senators with 100%:

        Bill Cadman, R – Colorado Springs

        Keith King, R – Colorado Springs

        Mike Kopp, R – Littleton

        Scott Renfroe, R – Greeley

        Mark Scheffel, R – Parker

        Dave Shultheis, R – Colorado Springs.  Dave, who has been an outstand mentor for our freshmen legislators is retiring this year and he got standing ovation.

    Colorado Taxpayer Guardians with 96%:

        Kevin Lundberg, R – Berthoud

        Spencer Swalm, R, Centennial

Year to Year?  Overall the Colorado Senate scored an average of 44% compared to 33% last year. 

The House scored 43%, up from 36% last year.  You would be amazed at the number of legislators who get grades as low as 4%!  Governor Ritter’s score was 8%!!!  Would you hire someone like that?  The best source we’ve found in helping the people of Colorado decide who needs to be replaced is “CUT Rates the Colorado Legislature” results which can be found at their website www.coloradotaxpayer.org.  Order lots of their brochures to give to your family, friends and business associates.  The only way we the people can turn this ‘tax and spend’ mentality around is to get personally involved in the education and election process.


We’ve also honored:


1.  Mike Coffman – US Senator from Colorado

2.  Brian Ivers, a young Marine and father of four who gave an outstanding speech ‘off the cuff’, quoting Samuel Adams – a true Oath Keeper of our constitutions.  We need to encourage Brian to look into becoming a People’s Stateman!!!  Wow!!!


Quote:  “The colonies would have gladly born a little tax on tea…had it not been that England took away from the colonies their money.” — Ben Franklin.  Read how Pennsylvania’s money system of those days made everyone prosperous!!!  in Restoring the Honest Money System in America” athttp://colorado.tenthamendmentcenter.com  


Tell your state and national legislators to support Rep. Ron Paul’s  H.R. 4248: Free Competition in Currency Act of 2009 (GovTrack.us)

  1. Dec 9, 2009  A bill in the US Congress: To repeal the legal tender laws, to prohibit taxation on certain coins and bullion, and to repeal superfluous 
    www.govtrack.us › Congress › Legislation – Cached – Similar

                                                                         Bill of Right Silver Club Members’

                                                                                    Offers of Exchange: 


1.  Member Bill Flinn offers: 

Ad #1:

Computer Services – Computer setup, networking, info security consulting, server build and configuration.  Policy document development and writing.  Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.  Bill Flinn, wflinn@comcast.net, (970) 420-9967


Ad #2:

Firearms Training – NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection in The Home, NRA Refuse to Be a Victim Seminars.  One-on-one instruction.  NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.  Bill Flinn, wflinn@comcast.net, (970) 420-9967 http://www.nocofirearms.com


2. Member Dale Pond is offering: 

        1.  a 16 oz. bottle of colloidal silver postpaid for 1 oz. silver or

        2.  “The Silver Exchange Bundle” containing:

            3 – 16 oz Our Silver Works! colloidal silver

            3 – 2 oz empty applicator bottles

            Shipping and Handling paid.

            Full exchange price of Silver Exchange Bundle is:

            1 – 1 oz .999 silver coin plus $27.50 cash.

           (Regular FED note price: $80.00)

        3. The Divine Triplet for l oz of silver. Add $3.00 S&H. 


 Janet Lee’s note:  We use Dale’s high quality colloidal silver to ward off sickness and treat wounds against infection.  I am now enjoying reading Dale’s  well-researched book, The Divine Triplet  on the spiritual attributes of silver, gold and platinum which includes how these precious metals were used in antiquity and also their physics and relationship music. 


Check Our Silver Works! main marketing web site



3. Firewood: Randy B. is offering Oak Firewood for $200 per cord with a $1 per mile charge for distance from my house to drop location. Delivery only-no pick-ups.  I could allow an amount for each 1OZ silver of the spot price + $9.00.  So for example a 1 cord delivery to a place 30 miles from me would cost $230.  Spot price of silver at $23 would mean each 1OZ round would be valued at $32. Therefore 7 ounces ($224) and $6 in FRN’s would cover it.  Thanks for letting folks know! Call Randy @ 303-637-7582


4.  Sam is accepting barter silver rounds and silver eagles for dry food supplies. He needs about 2 weeks to put together an order, since he doesn’t stock items for sale.  All cans are #10 size and include oxygen absorber and lid.  Everything except Potato Pearls has 30 yr shelf life when canned and stored in food-grade bucket with sealed lid.  Potato Pearls last about 7 years. For a list of products contact Sam @ sam@leumasonline.com


5.  Jim Gregorich, will do homeopathy consultations in trade for silver. Homeopathy is a complete, holistic, alternative health system.  One and a half hour Initial consultations, valued at $200, offered to silver club members for 6 oz. of silver.  Half hour follow up appointments for 3 oz. of silver.  Consultations can be in person at his home office in Boulder or by phone.  To set up an appointment or for questions call him at 303-413-9057 or email at jpgregorich@aol.com


6.  Monty McCurry:  Offering Career Personal Representation services to anyone seeking assistance with their employment situations.  Rates are one 1 oz. silver for all my planning documents and an hour or whatever time it takes to walk the individual through the initial planning process (providing a $50 per hour trade rate – normally $75 per hour). To help clients execute the search plan I will accept one coin for an hour of services;  AND, in all occasions when I am successful in helping an individual secure employment, and am able to negotiate a fee with the employer, I will reimburse the individual client for their entire investment if and/or when the employer pays me an amount equal to or greater than the amount paid me by the individual client.


This service has typically been offered to high level professional individual contributors, managers and executives who have been making $75-$100,000 per year or more.  It is applicable to anyone, just that most people in economic circumstances below those levels, historically, either could not afford the services, or chose not to incur the expense.  In this case I am not requiring my traditional retainer and am accepting payment for services on a hourly rate of exchange – which normally I wouldn’t consider because of the time and work involved.


Call (303) 337-7522 or e-mail me at mcmccurry@msn.com to receive a complete written overview of the program.  PS – I am not an attorney so am reasonable in time allocation.


7.  Marco Chung-Shu  Lam, Clinic Director
Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic

Marco has a gentle touch  as an acupuncturist and works with many patients who are afraid of needles, including children and elders. Marco practices the living system of herbalism and integrates the traditional Chinese herbology with the use of many local medicinal herbs that he harvests himself. He invites you to the path of Chinese Medicine and to the fullness of health that you can experience.   He has extensive experience treating both chronic pain, inflammatory and immunity challenges.

2516 Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80304
Join our Community @


7.  Soon to come will be more information about David Torres’ Liberate Freedom T-Shirts.



Let’s restore our freedoms and America at the same time!!!  And have fun doing it!

Janet Lee and Jim Meisinger