Jim and Janet Lee (TeSelle) Meisinger were born and raised in Nebraska where they learned from their “naturalized” American grandparents and other family members how important integrity and hard work are. Jim and Janet Lee met at Lincoln High School, but their friendship really blossomed while attending the University of Nebraska when they learned how much they both loved horses and the great outdoors. Married in 1960, their plans for the future were upset by Jim’s having to serve in the Army during the Vietnam ‘war’. Jim and Janet Lee will never forget the day Jim reported for duty at Fort Wolters, Texas – the day that President Kennedy was assassinated.

After returning from the service, they bought an acreage and began restoring the old run-down home and barns. There they started their family of 3 sons, Todd, Joel and Seth joined by their ‘adopted’ Iranian son, Masoud. Jim worked full time in lumber sales while they created a horse-boarding facility they ran for over 25 years. Their light-horse 4-H group grew so that it had to be divided 3 times and they loved showing their beautiful Santo Bar, Rajamir and many other Quarter and Arabian horses they raised.

In the late 1970’s Jim was asked by two men to partner in restoring an old lumber yard in SW Lincoln. Within a few months Jim had built it from a few thousand a month return to over $60,000 and growing – all the while putting most of the profits into hiring people, restoration and supplies. Sadly, in the early 1980’s the federal reserve board, without warning, raised the interest rate to over 21% overnight destroying millions of small businesses and family farms, including our family-owned lumber yard. After all – our mark-up on hardware was only 17% – so it was impossible to survive. Even an 80-year-old family-owned lumber yard in Lincoln finally went out of business due to the resulting, manipulated down-turn in the entire economy with multi-millions of people loosing their creative jobs which growing small businesses always provide.

The economy had been doing so well for so many years, we and millions of other Americans were in total shock!!! From the horrible damage the federal reserve board had caused. This was our wake-up call to look into why our legislators did nothing to help their constituents. After learning how deceptively the federal reserve was created, how their paper is created out of thin air in direct violation of our founding laws Janet Lee and Jim decided it is time for we the people to take our power back. They began by studying our founding documents and laws and teaching others. We decided, what better way than to educate others than by memorializing our Bill of Rights in beautiful, silver talismans.

Jim and Janet Lee Meisinger

We thank and bless all the wonderful people who have helped us launch our “Bill of Rights Silver”.