Can You Help Thomas Beardon?

In the past, the U.S. government has not helped our American inventors, who, like Nikola Tesla have invented profound devices, power from which the ‘powers behind the scenes’ cannot make money or ‘tax’ and who may have been behind the untimely death of some.
Here is something I bet most Americans do not know:


From American Inventor Thomas Bearden who has been attempting to get funding for his Electro/Magnetic Energy Producing Device:

“Unfortunately, a great deal of the funds that the various nations of the world supply to the United Nations to help needy nations and peoples in various places of the world seems to be subjected to an operation known as “sweeping the cash”. In such an operation, the UN funds are “released” into a separate private bank somewhere in the world, where the chosen private group that owns the bank then holds the funds while freely acquiring the interest on them.
For a reputable article on “sweeping the cash”, see “How Wall Street ‘Sweeps’ the Cash: Investors’ Idle Money Is a Brokerage-Firm Bonanza,” Wall Street Journal, Jan. 11, 2007.”

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