Colorado Union of Taxpayers

Colorado Champions as a result of the Colorado Union of Taxpayers grading of each of our legislators on each bill – an all-volunteer service they’ve provided for we the people for over 30 years! Legislators are graded down each time they vote for bills that increase taxes and the size of government:

Champion Colorado Senators with 100%:
Bill Cadman, R – Colorado Springs
Keith King, R – Colorado Springs
Mike Kopp, R – Littleton
Scott Renfroe, R – Greeley
Mark Scheffel, R – Parker

Dave Shultheis, R – Colorado Springs. Dave, who has been an outstand mentor for our freshmen legislators is retiring this year and he got standing ovation.

Colorado Taxpayer Guardians with 96%
Kevin Lundberg, R – Berthoud
Spencer Swalm, R, Centennial

Year to Year?

Overall the Colorado Senate scored an average of 44% compared to 33% last year. The House scored 43%, up from 36% last year. You would be amazed at the number of legislators who get grades as low as 4%! Governor Ritter’s score was 8%!!! Would you hire someone like that? The best source we’ve found in helping the people of Colorado decide who needs to be replaced is “CUT Rates the Colorado Legislature” results which can be found at their website Order lots of their brochures to give to your family, friends and business associates. The only way we the people can turn this ‘tax and spend’ mentality around is to get personally involved in the education and election process.