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Step 3. About our Medallions

Unique Commemorative Silver Talismans vs. Bullion Pricing

Some people erroneously think they should be able to purchase unique, expertly engraved and minted, uncirculated 1 oz., .999 silver content pieces for the same price as ‘spot’ or buillion prices.  

Obviously that is impossible!

Many coin collectors have commented that our uncirculated, 1 oz. silver talismans are more beautiful because they are unique, artistically designed, expertly engraved and meticulously minted. There just is no comparison between our silver talismans and other minted pieces.

As American Creators, our artists, engravers and mint master need to be rewarded for their excellent work. After all – their kind of excellence is what makes America strong!!! Because our Bill of Rights pieces are unique works of art – we expect their value to increase over time, especially as silver prices rise.

We also donate our Bill of Rights silver talismans to outstanding Americans who are working to defend our constitution and restore our Republic. NRA Members have bid our 2nd Amendment Silver as high as $70.00 each at their yearly fund raising banquets.

Another comparison: the fall 2009 Heartland of America discount catalog, is pricing a pre-circulated, WWII Walking Liberty of only 1/2 oz. and only 90% pure silver piece for $25.00 a piece!

Our silver pieces are uncirculated, 1 oz., .999 silver content.

Keep in mind that silver has increased in value over 50% in the last few years. What other ‘property’ has?

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