Silver Club Update 11 May 2010

   1.  Our last silver shipment is in, so if any of you haven’t made arrangements to pick yours up, please let us know how you want delivery.   As you know, silver has been pretty volatile, but we intend to ‘lock in’ – as we did last month – when it is at its lowest.  Keep in mind – Jim and I will be out of town for 5 days, leaving May 13th for a needed ‘time out’.           

            2.  Even though we haven’t advertised our website except to people we know, we are continually delighted to have new people order from as far east as Maine, as far west as Washington state and as far south as Tennessee and Sante Fe. 

            3.   Most aware Americans realize that we are right back where we started before the American Revolution, with the federal and local governments’ and their attorneys creating a multitude of new offices and sending hither swarms of officers to harass we the people to ‘eat out our substance’ just as England’s King George did.  It is always amazing to me to see how many people born on American soil are willing to threaten other Americans for these lieyers and ‘fictions’ called government.  Have you ever noticed how almost all government ‘programs’ – like the census for instance – are run just like protection rackets?  Thanks to crafty government lawyers and their ‘word art’ – If you don’t ‘voluntarily comply’ – which is a huge oxymoron!!!– these rogue agencies will fine you $thousands!!! U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachman is right – we now have gangster governments.

             Just this past 3 weeks, we had 5 different people ask how they can defend themselves and their private property from government agents or attorneys who no longer uphold our natural, American birth-rights and founding laws.  It was a great feeling when one of our Silver Club Members paid me in silver for my assistance.  It is so exciting! since it was the first time in my life I’ve ever been paid with what our forefathers, and our constitutions, uphold as lawful money.  

            I hope you will consider offering to pay other people with silver for their goods and services.  And as you find those people who are happy to be paid in real value – please ask them if they’d like to join our Silver Club to continue to exchange their products and services for real value.

        4.  Let us know if you have products or services you will offer for silver and check out our Members’ ads a the end of this newsletter. 


Silver News of Interest

Thanks to our many Silver Club members have sent interesting news about silver.


1. Largest Nuggets found in Colorado:  The biggest gold nugget found in Colorado weighed 135 ounces and was found near Breckenridge in 1887 by miner Tom Broves.  Thebiggest silver nugget weighed an amazing 1,840 pounds and was found at an Aspen mine in 1894.


2.  Montana: Company identifies ‘very large’ gold and silver resource near Rock Creek
An Atlanta-based gold mining company is eyeing what it calls “a very large open-ended gold and silver system” within two miles of Rock Creek in Granite County.   Read More…



Friday, April 16, 2010 
Is Silver Ready to Surge? 

by Sean Brodrick


Dear Janet,

Main Street may know something that Wall Street’s chattering class doesn’t know. Because while Wall Street always seems to give silver short shrift, mom-and-pop investors are buying silver at a furious pace.

Here’s what I mean: The U.S. Mint sold more Silver Eagles in March and in the first quarter of the year than ever before. A total of 9,023,500 American Silver Eagles were purchased in the first quarter of this year, the highest amount since the coin made its debut in 1986.

I think that we may be seeing the start of something big in silver. And I have some ideas on how you can ride this wave, as silver goes to $20 an ounce, $25, and potentially higher.



See his other interesting charts at:   
3. … roughly 40% of all silver is used for industrial applications, 30% for jewelry, 20% for photography and other uses, and only 5% or so for coins and medals.Is the rush into “poor man’s gold” underway?Still, why so much (silver) buying? The silver price ended the quarter up 15.5% from its February 4 low – but it was basically flat for the quarter, up a measly 1.9%. We tend to see buyers clamoring for product when the price takes off, so the jump in demand wasn’t due to screaming headlines about soaring prices.

The U.S. Mint reported a decline in gold bullion sales of 20.8% this past quarter vs. the same quarter in 2009. Further, other world mints have seen sharp declines in gold bullion coin sales as well: the Austrian Mint reported an 80% drop in sales for the first two months of the year and the Royal British Mint a 50% decline in gold coin production for the first quarter.

What’s even more dramatic is the difference in the dollar value of the sales. Gold Eagle sales in the U.S. dropped $10,263,500 from a year earlier – but silver sales increased by $61,855,290. So, not only did silver sales make up the drop in gold sales, they exceeded them by $51,591,790.

See the rest of the report at: 

Our Silver Club Exchange
1.  Qigong Workshop in Boulder, Colorado on May 22-23, 2010 at Kelly’s Big Blue Barn (1360 Sumac in Boulder).  Only 8 ounces of silver or $200 worthless FRNs.  Call Jim or Shelly @ 303-413-9057 for reservations.
2.  Member Bill Flinn offers: 

Ad #1:
Computer Services – Computer setup, networking, info security consulting, server build and configuration.  Policy document development and writing.  Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.  Bill Flinn, wflinn@comcast.net, (970) 420-9967
Ad #2:
Firearms Training – NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection in The Home, NRA Refuse to Be a Victim Seminars.  One-on-one instruction.  NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.  Bill Flinn, wflinn@comcast.net, (970) 420-9967 http://www.nocofirearms.com
3. Member Dale Pond is offering a 16 oz. bottle of colloidal silver postpaid for 1 oz. silver.  Check it out at Our Silver Works! main marketing web site

4.  Member Sam is accepting barter silver rounds and silver eagles for dry food supplies. He needs about 2 weeks to put together an order, since he doesn’t stock items for sale.  All cans are #10 size and include oxygen absorber and lid.  Everything except Potato Pearls has 30 yr shelf life when canned and stored in food-grade bucket with sealed lid.  Potato Pearls last about 7 years. For a list of products contact Sam @ sam@leumasonline.com

5.  Silver Club member, Jim Gregorich, is offering homeopathy consultations in trade for silver. Homeopathy is a complete, holistic, alternative health system.  One and a half hour Initial consultations, valued at $200, offered to silver club members for 6 oz. of silver.  Half hour follow up appointments for 3 oz. of silver.  Consultations can be in person at his home office in Boulder or by phone.  To set up an appointment or for questions call him at 303-413-9057 or email atjpgregorich@aol.com
6.  Monty McCurry:  Offering Career Personal Representation services to anyone seeking assistance with their employment situations.  Rates are one 1 oz. silver for all my planning documents and an hour or whatever time it takes to walk the individual through the initial planning process (providing a $50 per hour trade rate – normally $75 per hour). To help clients execute the search plan I will accept one coin for an hour of services;  AND, in all occasions when I am successful in helping an individual secure employment, and am able to negotiate a fee with the employer, I will reimburse the individual client for their entire investment if and/or when the employer pays me an amount equal to or greater than the amount paid me by the individual client.

This service has typically been offered to high level professional individual contributors, managers and executives who have been making $75-$100,000 per year or more.  It is applicable to anyone, just that most people in economic circumstances below those levels, historically, either could not afford the services, or chose not to incur the expense.  In this case I am not requiring my traditional retainer and am accepting payment for services on a hourly rate of exchange – which normally I wouldn’t consider because of the time and work involved.
Call (303) 337-7522 or e-mail me at mcmccurry@msn.com to receive a complete written overview of the program.  PS – I am not an attorney so am reasonable in time allocation.
7.  Member Dale Pond is offering a 16 oz. bottle of colloidal silver postpaid for 1 oz. silver.  Check it out at Our Silver Works! main marketing web site
8.  Marco Chung-Shu  Lam, Clinic Director
Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic

Marco has a gentle touch  as an acupuncturist and works with many patients who are afraid of needles, including children and elders. Marco practices the living system of herbalism and integrates the traditional Chinese herbology with the use of many local medicinal herbs that he harvests himself. He invites you to the path of Chinese Medicine and to the fullness of health that you can experience.   He has extensive experience treating both chronic pain, inflammatory and immunity challenges.
2516 Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80304
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Thanks to all our Members for helping Bill of Rights Silver become our community currency,


Janet Lee and Jim Meisinger