Silver Club Update 8 March 2010

 Silver Club Update

8 March 2010

What better way to preserve our founding laws

and restore value in America than to use Bill of Rights Silver as community currency?!!!

1.  Our last order of silver is in!!!  Please contact us to make arrangements for delivery.


2.   The 9th Amendment Silver piece design can now be ordered.  The mint likes to have an order of 500 pieces for any new issue, so now is the time to order!!!  The photo real of the 9th Amendment and the draft drawing are attached along with the new postcard artwork.  This will be a popular piece since more and more people are realizing and talking about the power of ‘nullification’.


3.  This has been a busy time with designing the 9th Amendment and starting on the content for our new website www.BillofRightsSilver.com  which will eventually feature each Bill of Rights Silver piece.  The website is not up yet – we’ll let you know when it is complete.  For now you can still refer people to www.2ndAmendmentSilver.com  


4.  Please help us build an exchange community within our Silver Club, which now has members in several states.  Send us a one or two line ‘ad’ of what product or service you are willing to exchange.  We will include a“Silver Exchange” section in future newsletters – so if you want to join the list – send us your 2 or 3  line ads.  In the meantime, I hope to learn a new program to create a nicer looking newsletter.


         We continue to look for local fresh food producers.  Please send us your ideas of how to grow our silver exchange community.  Invite your friends to join and help us build an exchange system so that when we eventually have a store front – we will have much to offer.


 Keep in mind that silver has increased in value 155% in just one year;  gold has increased 50% – while the purchasing power of the fed note has deteriorated.


New Member Ad:

Ad #1:

Computer Services – Computer setup, networking, info security consulting, server build and configuration.  Policy document development and writing.  Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.  Bill Flinn, wflinn@comcast.net, (970) 420-9967
Ad #2:
Firearms Training – NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection in The Home, NRA Refuse to Be a Victim Seminars.  One-on-one instruction.  NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.  Bill Flinn, wflinn@comcast.net, (970) 420-9967http://www.nocofirearms.com
Ad #3
Wonderful, long and clean-burning oak firewood at $200 a cord; $125 for 1/2 cord with $1.00 per mile one way to deliver.  Will trade for silver.  Call him at  303-637-7582 evenings or weekends since he works full time.  Randy Berends r.j.berend@comcast.net or call 303-637-7582
Others offers – (Hint) – we are waiting for your ads:
    a.  Monty will exchange job counseling and placement services    b.  The Coes can supply good quality lumber and trusses for building

    c.  Sam will exchange for dried foods – but is limited to the number of customers he can handle at present.

    d.  Janet Lee will give workshops on knowing how to enforce our constitutions and rights in the courts and with other government agencies.

    e.  Jim and Janet Lee will give workshops on canning vegetables, fruits and meats.

5.  We continue to honor outstanding Americans with 2nd Amendment Silver.   They are listed on our www.2ndAmendmentSilver.com website.  

    New additions are:

            a.  Rick and Pam Stanley, business owners in Denver, Colorado.  Rick stood firm on our gun laws in Colorado and America. As a result, Rick was falsely and maliciously prosecuted because he was a leader in educating people about their natural rights.  I, and many other concerned Americans, were present when ‘the judge’ in a Denver Courtroom threatened Rick’s Constitutional Lawyer – Paul Grant – to ‘sanction him if he brought that 2nd Amendment into HIS court’.  Having been denied due process rights, Rick is now in prison and you can write him to congratulate him for standing up for all our rights and against the corruptors in the courts

DCC                                                  Pam Stanley

Rick Stanley #137125                      c/o Stanley Fastener and Shop Supply  Co.           

4102 Sawmill Mesa Road.                6280 E. 39th Ave. 

Delta, Colorado [81416]                     Denver, Colorado 80207

Pam has a big job running their company without Rick’s help and both can use our encouragement.

            b.  Lt. Col Thomas E. Bearden (retd.) PhD, MS (nuclear engineering), BS (mathematics – minor electronics) – DVDs covering the history of new energy research in America can be found at www.cheniere.org/toc.htmlalong with the new book ‘Free Energy Generation’ authored by Thomas Bearden and John Bedini.  Kits are now available (see below).

            c.   Carl Bruning, Candidate for Sheriff of Larimer County,Colorado. Carl is a champion for the Constitution and a leader for liberty and freedom. He was nominated to the US Air Force Academy by Senator Barry Goldwater, and completed USAF Pilot Training in 1985, receiving the “Distinguished Academic Graduate”.  Carl was an aircraft commander in the C-130E/H “Hercules” aircraft, doing tactical airlift missions around the world. 

d.  Jon Caldara, the President of the Independence Institute, Colorado’s free-market think tank in Golden, Colorado. Caldara also hosts a 3 hour a day a radio talk show on the 50,000-watt blowtorch News Radio 850 KOA. His current affairs television program Independent Thinking, on Denver’s KBDI Channel 12, airs on Fridays at 8:30 pm repeated the following Monday at 1:30pm.  Jon was moderator for the first Independent People’s Candidate Search which was attended by hundreds on a cold, snowy Sunday in Thornton, Colo. 

            e.  Ken BuckU.S. Senate Candidate from Colorado – honored with a 2nd Amendment Silver piece by member Geoff Broughton.   In 2004, Ken was elected as the Weld County District Attorney. Since that time, he has led a staff of more than sixty employees and built an impressive record of prosecuting criminals, supporting victims, and promoting crime prevention.


6.  John Bedini’s 10 Coil Energizer Kits Now Available

> Tony Craddock
> Web Administrator
> The Tom Bearden Website
Some of you have shown interest in these over-unity devices. You can join the Bedini Motor Builder’s Egroup where you will find the answers to most motor builder’s questions.



Janet Lee and Jim Meisinger




Other news pointing to the importance of acquiring silver and becoming self-sufficient:


***Montana: Company identifies ‘very large’ gold and silver resource near Rock Creek
An Atlanta-based gold mining company is eyeing what it calls “a very large open-ended gold and silver system” within two miles of Rock Creek in Granite County.   Read More.


***From Chris Weber in Daily Wealth:


“Several years ago, I thought if silver broke above that $25-$27 level, it could get to $50 in 2010. If it did, in real terms, after inflation, this would still be a lower price than the $50 silver briefly reached 30 years ago. In real terms, $50 in 1980 bought what it would take over $130 to buy today. 

Already this year, the gold/silver ratio has fallen. This ratio shows the number of ounces of silver one ounce of gold will buy you. The ratio ended last year at 65:1. Now it is 59:1. Even this ratio is historically high for silver. The chart below shows the average annual gold/silver ratio from 1792, when the U.S. dollar began, to 2005.”

***The Race for Silver is On!!!  http://www.silverbearcafe.com/private/01.10/race.html


Thanks for helping Bill of Rights Silver

become our community currency,


Janet Lee and Jim Meisinger


soon to come:



9th BillofRights Postcard