Silver Club Update, April 3rd, 2011


Silver Club Update, April 3rd, 2011


Good news!!! 


1.  Our Bill of Rights Silver will be featured along with Fernanda Power’s 1/2 ounce community barter piece and Marco Lam’s Gaian at the huge Denver Self Reliance Expo, April 8 and 9th http://www.selfrelianceexpo.com/  Fernanda, who will be managing the booth, has done an excellent job of promoting silver as barter in Northern Colorado www.ncobarter.com.  You will also want to go the the AOCS website to find merchants in your areahttp://www.opencurrency.com/directory/currencies/

2.  Our silver piece honoring the 7th Amendment  is ready for minting.  See photo attached – so if you want some – let us know.


3.  In response to Geoff Broughton, Colorado 10th Amendment Chairman’s request, the design for the 10th Amendment is almost complete and will soon be going to the artists and engravers.


4.  The silver commemorative in honor of 2008 Presidential Candidate Rep. Ron Paul issued by Liberty Dollar is valued by as much as $375 on eBay.


5.  There are two ways to view this chart – one is that in only 1 month silver has risen in value nearly $4.00.  The other is that the already almost worthless federal reserve note has devalued that much.


The bad news:

1.  “Prices for more normal U.S. homes have been dropping for the past six months.In at least 14 major U.S. metro areas prices have slid to 2003 levels, recent data from the Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller price index show.  The report showed a 20-city composite of home prices fell a full percentage point in January from December. That report follows data last week showing existing home sales fell 9.6 percent last month and new home sales dropped to the lowest levels since recordkeeping began nearly 50 years ago. The weakness in housing could be a looming threat to the overall economic recovery.”

Janet Lee’s Note:  This morning, the lady who styles my hair was telling me that her son, who has just moved from Chicago to Florida is purchasing  a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with an in-ground swimming pool, sauna, extensive tiling, etc. – for $190,000.  It originally sold a few years ago for $400,000!


2.   From the New York Sun news http://www.nysun.com/editorials/a-unique-form-of-terrorism/87269/ re: the FBI/DOJ’s charges against Bernard von NotHaus creator of the Liberty Dollar:

“Here is a thought experiment concerning two men who have issued moneyOne issuedgold and silver coins that will today bring more in dollars than he charged for them.The other issued paper notes that are today worth but a fraction the gold or silver they were worth at the time they were issued. One man is facing the possibility of years in prison after a federal jury found his issuing of money to have been a crime. The other man is walking around free and being treated by the authorities with great deference.

Which is which?

It turns out that the man walking free is Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve.A one-dollar note that his bank issued used to be worth — as recently as, say, the start of President Bush’s first term — a 265th of an ounce of gold; today it’s value has plunged to less than a 1,400th of an ounce of gold. The man who issued the coins that will fetch more dollars today than when he issued them is Bernard von NotHaus, 67. He called his coins “Liberty Dollars,”…


More Good News – The Real Law!!!


Janet Lee’s Note:  This New York Sun writer has not researched far enough.  The Constitution defines money as ‘coin’ – not the fiat paper the Fed Reserve prints out of thin air.  The 1792 coinage act made it a hanging offense if anyone was to ‘debase’ our forefather’s honest money system based on gold and silver coin.  That is the real law!  Why? – because any rules, statutes, ordinances, etc. are null and void at inception and are not law if they violate the constitutions, state or national!  See 16 American Jurisprudence 2d, Sec. 177, late 2d, Sec. 256: “No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law, and no courts are bound to enforce it.”


 The Supreme Court upheld that an unconstitutional act is void “ab initio” i.e. the moment it is signed into “law.” In Norton v. Shelby Co.118 U.S. 425, 442, 6 S.Ct. 1121, 1125, 30 L.Ed. 178 (1886) it was held that: “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights;  it imposes no duties;  it affords no protection, it creates no office;  it is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” See also Ex parte Siebold, 100 U.S. 371, 376-77, 25 L.Ed. 717 (1879) “An unconstitutional law is void, and is as no law.  An offense created by it is not a crime.  A conviction under it is not merely erroneous, but is illegal and void, and cannot be a legal cause of imprisonment.”.


3.  From a speech given by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com at the Save America Convention held in Tampa, Florida, March 2011:  Truth and conscience take precedence over all things. If a law does not follow the inherent auspices of freedom and integrity, if it does not serve the true best interests of the people, then it should not be followed. Period. This goes for any law, current or pending, which would force Americans to abandon their ability to personally protect themselves, their families, and their communities, from financial disaster. I leave you with my final statement given at the Save America Convention to drive the point home:

Ultimately, the greatest leaders do not actually seek to lead, but to teach. They do not seek power for themselves; they seek to empower the common man. This is an act of real survival, for a country of steadfast individuals is unconquerable. It is a place without fear.” 

Read the rest of Brandon’s excellent speech at: http://www.alt-market.com/articles/71-thoughts-on-the-liberty-dollar-debacle

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Jim and Janet Lee Meisinger