Silver Club Update, July 28, 2011



Here’s our July 28th update:

    Our goal is to stabilize our lives with real value just as our forefathers did for decades.  They would be appalled that we have allowed foreign banksters to run this country with paper printed out of thin air – they would call that counterfeiting.

See the list of those who are participating in our Bill of Rights Exchange at the end of the newsletter.  Then let us know if you want to participate.

Do you have a trade or product you would exchange for silver?  Or do you know food producers and others who would like to receive real value for their service or product?  🙂

Janet Lee

Silver Club Update, July 28, 2011


1.  Now available are the 2nd, 7th, 9th and 10th Amendment 1 oz. silver pieces.

We are also looking into creating complimentary ½ oz. silver and/or 1 oz. copper pieces for barter on smaller items.


2.  We met Ben Franklin at the South Platte Valley Historical Society Heritage Fair in May.  The restoration of historic Fort Lupton is being hand-built by volunteers who prepare the timbers and the entire structure just as was done in the early years of this country.  Every timber is ‘hand-hewn’.  The blacksmith was working on the huge hinges for the gates while we watched. All expenses are paid by grass-roots donations.  The American people at work!!! 

Ben Franklin told us he designed some of the original coins for the colonies.  In fact the 1792 Coinage Act instructed the mint to ‘promptly mint coins’ for we the people as we brought in our ore.  Ben was excited to trade one of his coins for a 2nd Amendment Silver piece.  Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are the only two congressmen who are knowledgeable about our foundation laws and that the federal reserve note ‘dollars’ are – by law – counterfeit:


·  1792 Coinage Act – Death Penalty For Counterfeiting‏ – YouTube



www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhldj52ZuUU2 min – Apr 3, 2011 – Uploaded by RunToGoldDotCom

http://www.runtogold.com/2008/01/1792coinage-act/ The 1792 Coinage Actin Section 19 provides: SEC. 19. And be it further enacted, 


Did you know that the fed reserve note/dollar has lost more than 500% of its value just since 2001?


The Native American who will dedicate The Fort this fall was excited to receive a “Lakota” as a gift from us.  We’ve learned from our Native American brothers and sisters that there is time for ‘give away’ and we want to honor our Native people’s when we meet with them.  You can order the Lakota through our Silver Club or from AOCS.


Another treasure we found at the Fort’s Mercantile was a pair of Courting Candles which can be adjusted up or down depending on how long you want them to burn. 


3.  Since our last newsletter, Janet Lee was invited to explain “What is Real Money” to the Weld County 9/12 group and the Greeley GOP Breakfast group.  She explained why it is most important  to continue to build a private barter exchange based on value.  Getting to know our friends and neighbors and what they offer and do is critical!!! Our county is mostly rural with a wealth of all kinds of food producers and it will be fun building an exchange system based on value.



4.   Silver is still very volatile – rising nearly $6.00 this past month.  Some expect silver will out-pace gold: 


“Could silver one day be worth more than gold?” by Peter Cooper

            “The thing is that physical silver is in very short supply, and the situation in the Comex futures market is one of artificial price suppression that teeters on the brink of a breakdown. How else could any commodity be priced at less than it was 30 years ago?…However, the point to note is that silver prices are low now with massive upside potential if the bull market in precious metals continues and the global economy does not fall into a deflationary depression.”


5.   “Of all contrivances for cheating the laboring classes of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper money.  The few who could understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that [bankers] derive from the system, will bear its burden.”- Daniel Webster


6.  Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin

     “There is a major [silver] supply deficit issue, and it’s getting worse.  90% of the new business is in silver. And I think that’s indicative of the state of the economy. People are trying to get into precious metals, but they think gold is too high. I think they’re buying silver because they realize the fundamentals for owning gold also apply to silver. They think the profit potential is better in silver, too.”


7.  We thought you’d like to know the current price of 1 oz. of silver from Kitco:

PCGS-graded MS 70 Silver American Eagle 1oz
Product details
                            USD $ 90.62 ea.

Only shipping to USA

While our Silver Club members can get Bill of Rights Silver for only $5.50 over spot.








Keep in mind that Bill of Rights Silver is more valuable because it keeps our Bill of Rights memorialized in a silver piece that has numismatic potential.  The state and national legislators to whom we’ve awarded a Bill of Rights Silver piece are really uplifted by it and tell us they will always carry it with them or keep them at the top of the pile of their precious metals.  Check our website to see those who have been so honored. www.BillofRightsSilver.com 

 9.  Remember, if you have a product or service you would like to add to our Silver Exchange, send us an ad and support those in our Bill of Rights Silver Exchange.  The list is getting so long – we will soon have to have people go to our website for the list.


Bill of Rights Members’ Offers of Exchange 

1.  Mike Russ:  Mobil unit auto repair – can repair most any car, but specializes on VW bugs and busses; body work and painting; Home remodeling, plumbing, electrical, tile, drywall you name it.  Call 303-973-0986. 


2.  Luke Taylor:  Home maintenance, repair and remodeling.  Years of experience. 

Call 720-331-1769. 


3.  Member Bill Flinn offers: 

    Ad #1:

Computer Services – Computer setup, networking, info security consulting, server build and configuration.  Policy document development and writing.  Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.  Bill Flinn, wflinn@comcast.net, (970) 420-9967


    Ad #2:

Firearms Training – NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection in The Home, NRA Refuse to Be a Victim Seminars.  One-on-one instruction.  NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.  Bill Flinn,wflinn@comcast.net, (970) 420-9967 http://www.nocofirearms.com


4.  Rick Gallup, MyOH Services offers reliable, affordable, friendly handyman services.

     12 years experience in construction and carpentry.  References available.  720-530-3743



5. Firewood: Randy B. is offering Oak Firewood for $200 per cord with a $1 per mile charge for distance from my house to drop location. Delivery only-no pick-ups.  I could allow an amount for each 1OZ silver of the spot price + $9.00.  So for example a 1 cord delivery to a place 30 miles from me would cost $230.  Spot price of silver at $23 would mean each 1OZ round would be valued at $32. Therefore 7 ounces ($224) and $6 in FRN’s would cover it.  Thanks for letting folks know! Call Randy @ 303-637-7582


6. Member Dale Pond is offering: 

        1.  Unincorporated Business Organization trusts – contact him for exchange amount.    

        2.  a 16 oz. bottle of colloidal silver postpaid for 1 oz. silver or

        3.  “The Silver Exchange Bundle” containing:

            3 – 16 oz Our Silver Works! colloidal silver

            3 – 2 oz empty applicator bottles

            Shipping and Handling paid.

            Full exchange price of Silver Exchange Bundle is:

            1 – 1 oz .999 silver coin plus $27.50 cash.

           (Regular FED note price: $80.00)

        4. The Divine Triplet for l oz of silver. Add $3.00 S&H. 

Check Our Silver Works! main marketing web site



 Janet Lee’s note:  We use Dale’s high quality colloidal silver to ward off sickness and treat wounds against infection.  Jim and I have his UBO Trust, and I am now enjoying reading Dale’s  well-researched book, The Divine Triplet  on the spiritual attributes of silver, gold and platinum which includes how these precious metals were used in antiquity and also their physics and relationship music. 


7.  Sam is accepting barter silver rounds and silver eagles for dry food supplies. He needs about 2 weeks to put together an order, since he doesn’t stock items for sale.  All cans are #10 size and include oxygen absorber and lid.  Everything except Potato Pearls has 30 yr shelf life when canned and stored in food-grade bucket with sealed lid.  Potato Pearls last about 7 years. For a list of products contact Sam @ sam@leumasonline.com


8.  Jim Gregorich, will do homeopathy consultations in trade for silver. Homeopathy is a complete, holistic, alternative health system.  One and a half hour Initial consultations, valued at $200, offered to silver club members for 6 oz. of silver.  Half hour follow up appointments for 3 oz. of silver.  Consultations can be in person at his home office in Boulder or by phone.  To set up an appointment or for questions call him at 303-413-9057 or email at jpgregorich@aol.com


9.  Monty McCurry:  Offering Career Personal Representation services to anyone seeking assistance with their employment situations.  Rates are one 1 oz. silver for all my planning documents and an hour or whatever time it takes to walk the individual through the initial planning process (providing a $50 per hour trade rate – normally $75 per hour). To help clients execute the search plan I will accept one coin for an hour of services;  AND, in all occasions when I am successful in helping an individual secure employment, and am able to negotiate a fee with the employer, I will reimburse the individual client for their entire investment if and/orwhen the employer pays me an amount equal to or greater than the amount paid me by the individual client.


This service has typically been offered to high level professional individual contributors, managers and executives who have been making $75-$100,000 per year or more.  It is applicable to anyone, just that most people in economic circumstances below those levels, historically, either could not afford the services, or chose not to incur the expense.  In this case I am not requiring my traditional retainer and am accepting payment for services on a hourly rate of exchange – which normally I wouldn’t consider because of the time and work involved.


Call 303-337-5588 or e-mail me at mcmccurry@msn.com to receive a complete written overview of the program.  PS – I am not an attorney so am reasonable in time allocation.


10.  Marco Chung-Shu  Lam, Clinic Director
Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic

Marco has a gentle touch  as an acupuncturist and works with many patients who are afraid of needles, including children and elders. Marco practices the living system of herbalism and integrates the traditional Chinese herbology with the use of many local medicinal herbs that he harvests himself. He invites you to the path of Chinese Medicine and to the fullness of health that you can experience.   He has extensive experience treating both chronic pain, inflammatory and immunity challenges.

2516 Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80304
Join our Community @


Let’s restore our freedoms and America at the same time!!! 

And have fun doing it!  Start an exchange group in your area using the valuable Bill of Rights Silver pieces.

Janet Lee and Jim Meisinger