Why Silver?

Silver is easier for most families to acquire, since, at present 1 oz. of gold is 73 times more ‘expensive’ to acquire than 1 oz. of silver.

Because more people can acquire silver – it is a more beneficial method of exchange as community currency or current money.

In 1965, once again, both political parties violated we the people’s rights and the law by removing the right of we the people to exchange federal reserve ‘notes’ for silver. This allowed private bankers to gain real property, products and services without exchanging anything of value.

The last time the federal reserve banks caused major financial havoc was in the early 1980’s when these private bankers, without warning, raised the interest rates overnight on American small business and small farm loans, thereby, basically stealing and selling millions of viable family-owned enterprises which provided multi-millions of creative livelihoods for Americans.

Janet Lee asks: Who is left now to teach our youth how to create and run small businesses?
These small businesses and farms were the backbone of our country and had always created the most jobs!!! Those who recognized this shocking raise of interest rates by the bankers as grand theft and who had any “currency”in reserves turned to silver and gold as a way to store their wealth.

“People remember that the ‘price’ of gold went up 4 times during that time, but what they forget is the price of silver went up 10 times.

Current federal reserve banks/government policies are likely to bring the same results.  Many economists are warning that the current federal reserve/government policies will create hyper-inflation.

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